News | April 2, 2001

Feta cheese storage now a snap

Feta cheese fans find multiple uses for their favorite fromage, as a popular topping for salads, pizzas, pasta or stuffed into peppers or hamburgers. And they're eating more of it. Over the last five years, the Feta category has grown an average of 13 percent per year. New flavors and varieties introduced by Athenos®, such as Basil & Tomato and Peppercorn, helped spur the category's popularity. In fact, this popularity led to a common problem – "How do I store leftover Feta until the next culinary inspiration?"

Now, in response to consumer requests, Athenos®, the category leader for Feta cheese, poses the solution, with new, easy-open, reclosable packaging for its line of Dairy Feta cheese.

"Our consumers love the quality and the flavors they get from Athenos® brand Feta cheese," said Brent Brooks, brand manager for Athenos®. "Their enthusiasm for Athenos® Feta helps us maintain our leadership position in the category. Now we're investing in the consumer to provide them with a solution to the storage dilemma. After a thorough three-year process of investigation and research, we're proud to introduce an easy-open, reclosable package that is available from Athenos® alone."

All varieties of Athenos® Dairy Feta, including crumbled, chunk and Reduced Fat, will transition to the new packaging and new label in mid-May. In addition to providing a Feta storage solution for consumers at home, the new packaging allows for easier storage in the dairy case. The rigid, stand-up containers can be displayed either vertically in a standing position, or horizontally in stacks.

New labeling includes identification on two sides of the package. No matter how the containers are placed, the new labeling provides merchandising flexibility for store managers and allows consumers to easily locate their favorite Athenos® Feta flavor and variety.

"Every dairy case presents its own unique marketing opportunities," said Brooks. "The new container design offers two ways to merchandise the product and the extra labeling makes it easier to display in either the dairy case, or cross-merchandising in another department."

The Athenos® line of Dairy Feta cheese is available in a 4 oz. crumbled or 8 oz. chunk, with a suggested retail price range of $1.79 to $1.99 for the crumble and $2.69 to $2.99 for the chunk. Reduced Fat varieties are available in 3.5 oz. crumbled and 6 oz. chunk in the same price range. Athenos® flavor varieties include Traditional, Basil & Tomato, Garlic & Herb and Peppercorn. Each variety is packed twelve cartons per case. Athenos® also continues to offer a full line of Deli Feta cheese.

Athenos® manufactures product for both dairy and deli sections of retail distribution outlets nationwide. Athenos® proudly maintains its position as category leader with a firm commitment to customer service and brand innovation. The Athenos® brand line of specialty cheeses functions as part of the Churny Co., Inc., family of specialty products for the dairy and deli cases.

SOURCE: Athenos

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