News | May 10, 2018

Green Market Store Opens Online Budget-Friendly E-Commerce Business

Grocery & wellness e-commerce health store to offer healthy product choices at affordable prices

Detroit, MI /PRNewswire/ - Store owner, Kimley Armour, has introduced a new contender in the health-conscious, eco-friendly e-commerce space.  The Green Market Store will provide affordable, healthy product choices to online shoppers.

The store takes a thoughtful approach to stocking high-quality, healthy products from trusted brands and offers an intuitive interface for easy navigation, even on mobile devices. 

Both individual shoppers and businesses will have the option to buy in bulk and reduce the cost per item. In addition to the buy-in-bulk option, Green Market Store clientele will also enjoy monthly promotions on select items while experiencing a safe check-out process via PayPal.

Focused on providing a comprehensive shopping experience, The Green Market Store is well-stocked with a wide range of products.

Shoppers will find health and wellness products such as homeopathic cold remedies as well as products to pamper, like bath salts, lotions, and fragrances. There are also hundreds of food & supplement products including spices, sauces, breakfast cereals, nutrition bars and healthy chocolates for the entire family.

New parents will find healthy options for babies that include food, formulas, diapers and body care. The store also offers green toys and utensils for young children and special herbal tea blends for expecting and lactating mothers. 

The Green Market Store also carries a variety of earth-friendly, healthy household products including cleaners, water filtration devices, compostable food waste bags and disposable corn starch utensils.

In addition to providing healthy shopping options, the Green Market Store offers a library of informative articles to educate consumers about the toxic chemicals and dangers found in everyday household products.

"I want consumers to be educated about the products they buy. Many people don't know how toxic and potentially dangerous a lot of the products on the market are today. My goal is to empower people to make healthier shopping decisions by giving them both relevant, accurate information and a shopping platform with holistic values and exceptional products," said Kimley Armour.

About Green Market Store: Inspired by her grandparents homegrown, pesticide-free, plant-based diet, Green Market Store owner, Kimley Armour has pioneered her own personal pursuit of healthy eating and living, which eventually prompted her to open the grocery and wellness store. "My maternal grandparents had a farmhouse, where they grew their own food and the food did not contain any harmful pesticides. They lived a good life due to eating plant-based foods."

The market emerged after Kimley's childhood memories evolved into her adult vision to open a "thrifty" health store where patrons could shop for pesticide-free products at affordable prices.

If you would like to learn more about the Green Market Store, you can reach Kimley at, or you can visit the site directly at

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