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02.13.2008 -- Grocery Retail Online NRF 2008: Post-Show

NRF Post-Show Newsletter
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Forward-thinking retailers look to IBM and Intel for POS technology that is friendly to the environment - and to the bottom line. Like the new IBM SurePOS 700 with the powerful yet energy-efficient Intel Core 2 Duo processor for example. Using 33% less energy helps retailers go green while staying in the black. To learn more, visit: 

Welcome To The Post-Show Solutions Guide For NRF 2008

Retail Solutions Online is proud to bring you this special-edition bulletin and provide you with the keys to unlock endless opportunities in the retail industry. We partnered with industry leaders to give away four fantastic gifts, including: an Apple iPod, a Nintendo Wii, a $250 Apple Store Gift Certificate, and a Computer Day Pack. Congratulations to the winners of these gifts!

NRF Feature Articles

Retail Supply Chain: Turning Visibility Into Value — Enhancing The Supply Chain Ecosystem With Opportunistic Business Modeling (OBM)
Why Advocacy Matters To Grocers: Surveyed Consumers Give Retailers Food For Thought
Retail IT 2.0: Business IT Should Mimic The Advancements Of The World Wide Web
Turning Visibility Into Value — Enhancing The Supply Chain Ecosystem With Opportunistic Business Modeling (OBM)
Counting Kiosks — Growth And Trends In A Self-Service World
Manual To Mobile POS In Less Than One Year
Defeating Credit Card Fraud — What Retailers Need To Know
Labor Planning And Budgeting For Retail Workforce Agility
Maximizing The Value Of Your Customer Base With Loyalty Data
Managing At The Speed Of Reality
POS Deployments Don't Happen On Their Own
Loyalty — The Marketing Play
How To Address PCI Compliance Requirements
Total Cap On Store Fraud: Merchant Guide For Real-Time Loss Prevention
Personnel Matters — Despite Maturing Technology, Staffing Still Is Vital For Self-Checkout Success
More Lessons Learned — Practical Tips For Avoiding Payment Card Industry (PCI) Audit Failure
Kiosk Benchmark Study: Step Right Up — Kiosks Command Attention Across Verticals
IBM Mobile Workforce For Retail Solution: Optimizing The Retail Environment
Connecting The Dots — The Demand-Driven Retail Continuum
Loss Prevention: A Smarter Way To Mind The Store: IP Video Surveillance
Benefits Of Touch Interface

Our comprehensive product guide explores more than 20 new product offerings, including a variety of POS payment technologies, supply chain applications, loss prevention solutions, and much more to meet your retail technology needs. Once you've found your ideal solution in our product guide, check out the exclusive editorial coverage in the Retail Solutions Update below. These articles offer a range of perspectives from industry experts on how to implement new technologies and keep up to speed on emerging trends.

Retail Solutions Online, the premier sourcing site for the retail industry, is dedicated to helping you find solutions. Tell us about your active project or anticipated purchase. We'll work to connect you with supplier information that targets your needs.

Retail Solutions Online Debuts The Retail Solutions Update At NRF!

Retail Solutions Online was proud to launch its Retail Solutions Update at this year's NRF show. The goal of this publication was to provide you with cutting-edge product and solution information from suppliers who cater to your demanding requirements. With topics ranging from POS to supply chain, the update offers complete coverage of the retail marketplace. In fact, we took 1,200 copies to the show this year, and actually ran out of them with 3 show hours left! The inaugural update was a huge success and the numbers speak for themselves.

Don't worry, if you forgot to pick up your copy at the show, you can peruse the exclusive editorial coverage of the Retail Solutions Update online. Also, don't forget to check out our annual "Big Show Image Library!

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