News | October 5, 2021

Hy-Vee Deploys GK Omnichannel POS, Payments And Forecourt Solutions To Its Convenience Stores


GK Software, a global leader in omnichannel retail, today announced that Hy-Vee, an employee-owned grocery and convenience retailer operating more than 280 stores in eight Midwestern states, has completed a full deployment of the GK OmniPOS, TransAction+ Payments and GK Drive forecourt solutions in all its convenience stores. The deployment enables Hy-Vee to deliver the same flexible and scalable services to its customers at the pump and in the store.

Evolving customer expectations are putting significant pressure on convenience retailers to emphasize services such as prepared foods, frictionless checkout and fuel as retail segments converge and digital transformation accelerates. However, fuel operations are often still siloed, especially between the forecourt and in-store payments. Hy-Vee has established itself as a leader in omnichannel integration of solutions that bring ease to payments, mobile and personalization services to customers. With the GK OmniPOS, TransAction+ Payments and GK Drive solutions, Hy-Vee is able to use an integrated platform to support a variety of customer touchpoints, including traditional point of sale, self-checkout, fuel, payments, curbside pickup and more.

In addition to improving end-to-end enterprise integration, the GK solutions offer retailers:

  • An open omnichannel platform – Enables retailers to add a wide variety of convenience solutions like flexible touchpoints and alternative payments
  • All-in-One solution – A common integrated platform for all touchpoints, from traditional POS to mobile POS, kiosks, forecourt, QSR, payments and more
  • EMV compliance and end to end encryption (E2EE) – Futureproofs the POS for both in-store and forecourt payments
  • Enterprise management – Built-in software management and monitoring tools
  • Enterprise-class scalability – A modern, cloud-enabled platform with unlimited scale supporting many of the largest retailers globally
  • Extension tools and open APIs – Empower retailers to differentiate their business and more easily integrate with external solutions

"We’re always looking for ways to provide convenient, cutting-edge customer service on the forefront of such a competitive and evolving retail landscape,” said Luke Tingley, chief information officer and senior vice president at Hy-Vee. “Our goal is to implement a flexible and agile platform in store and at the pump to make our locations the most convenient destination for customers.”

“In today’s age of converging retail formats, customers expect convenience around every turn. Any interaction at the pump should also be tied to the in-store experience, and vice versa to create a frictionless shopper journey,” said Michael Jaszczyk, CEO, GK Software USA. “By rounding out the OmniPOS solution suite with TransAction+ Payments and GK Drive, Hy-Vee is able to create a cohesive, seamless journey for shoppers at every touchpoint, furthering convenience and loyalty with customers.”

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About GK Software

GK Software breaks down the barriers to unified commerce with its OmniPOS solution for point of sale, mobile POS, mobile customer engagement, forecourt management, payments and a full range of store/back-office solutions. The company is a recognized leader in omni-channel retail, offering a single, global software platform for all retail formats and touchpoints. Ten of the Top 50 retailers worldwide rely on GK Software, and GK is the fastest growing global POS provider in new installations. For more information, visit

About Hy-Vee, Inc.

Hy-Vee, Inc. is an employee-owned corporation operating more than 280 retail stores across eight Midwestern states with sales of $11 billion annually. The supermarket chain is synonymous with quality, variety, convenience, healthy lifestyles, culinary expertise and superior customer service. Hy-Vee ranks in the Top 10 Most Trusted Brands and has been named one of America’s Top 5 favorite grocery stores. The company’s more than 85,000 employees provide “A Helpful Smile in Every Aisle” to customers every day. For additional information, visit

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