News | October 19, 2017

iFresh Announces Exclusive Agreement With Dragon Seeds LLC

New York (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - iFresh Inc. (NASDAQ:IFMK) ("iFresh" or the "Company"), a leading Asian American grocery supermarket chain and online grocer, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Dragon Seeds, LLC (“Dragon Seeds”), a 15-acre farm based in Vero Beach, FL, that specializes in organically-grown Mibao dragon fruit, to exclusively supply its dragon fruits to iFresh.

Dragon Seeds is run by Mr. Guocheng Li, who has over 20 years’ experience in growing, harvesting, packing, and distributing dragon fruits. Mr. Li’s team was the first to successfully graft the Mibao dragon fruit variety with a local American variety of dragon fruit, which improved the precocity, drought tolerance, and adaptability of the fruit. Dragon Seeds also has many years of operational experience using organic farming techniques and meets current USDA requirements for growing organic produce.

Dragon Seeds, LLC is majority owned by Mr. Long Deng, iFresh’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The transaction was approved by the Audit Committee of iFresh’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Deng stated, "I am excited to share my passion for producing the best fruits and vegetables through sustainable organic farming with iFresh’s customers. With this agreement, iFresh will be able to provide its customers with fresh, high-quality, organic dragon fruit at a reasonable price.”

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