News | November 11, 2021

A2Z Smart Technologies Announces Collaboration With Edgify To Enhance The Cust2Mate Shopping Experience

A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. ("A2Z" or the "Company"), today announced it will integrate AI-based software from Edgify into Cust2Mate shopping carts, to enhance the smart cart's capabilities for automatic detection of non-barcoded items (fruits and vegetables). Edgify's software provides a 99.98% accuracy. Cust2Mate will use Edgify in all of its carts outside of Israel. Cust2Mate and Edgify will exhibit the combined solution at NRF Retail's Big Show in New York in January 2022.

Edgify has developed the world's first framework for training artificial intelligence (AI) models of computer vision, directly on simple edge devices such as SCOs, PC scales and lane POS machines. Edgify's framework utilizes two unique and academically accredited IP's called "The Edgify Edge Training Loop" and "The Edgify Collaborative Controller". Working in tandem, they keep "edge devices" always learning and improving locally. The knowledge gained is then shared with the rest of the checkout points in the store, and with checkout point across the entire chain. Because the data never leaves the device, there is no risk of it being stolen or hacked and no need for additional security.

The ability to confidently identify any product at near 100% accuracy offers tremendous benefits for Cust2Mate's retail partners including reducing loss and shrinkage, better utilization of staff and increased checkout speed. Because the Edgify framework resides on the carts themselves, it also eliminates the need for costly servers and infrastructure.

Rafael Yam, CEO of Cust2Mate stated, "We are excited to collaborate with Edgify to integrate their game-changing technology into our Cust2Mate Smart Carts and bring ‘edge-computing' to our retail partners. We look forward to working closely with the Edgify team to drive sales and create value for our customers and shareholders."

Ofri Ben-Porat, CEO and co-founder of Edgify, commented "It's clear to everyone that retail is innovating rapidly and consumers want easier ways of doing things. Edgify is pleased to have this opportunity to work with A2Z to enhance their Cust2Mate self-checkout (SCO) Smart Carts, giving customers a more seamless shopping experience without confusion. This continued partnership will allow us to provide better ways for retailers and meet the growing demand for innovation in the sector.

I have tremendous regard for A2Z's leadership team and the progress they have made launching the Cust2Mate technology. I believe together we can do great things."

About A2Z Smart Technologies Corp
A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. creates innovative solutions for complex challenges. A2Z's flagship product is the world's first proven-in-use mobile self-checkout shopping chart. With its user-friendly smart algorithm, touch screen, and computer-vision system, Cust2Mate streamlines the retail shopping experience by automatically scanning purchased products and enabling in-cart payment so that customers can simply "pick & go", and bypass long cashier checkout lines. This results in a more efficient shopping experience for customers, less unused shelf-space and manpower requirements, and advanced command and control capabilities for store managers. Cust2Mate's SAAS-based software solution also provides shelf heatmaps for targeted advertising, direct marketing and special promotions that generate increased revenues and profits for retailers.

Additional A2Z products include advanced automotive fire prevention systems, bomb-defusing robots, and portable energy systems. The goal of all A2Z's products is to save time, save money and save lives.

Source: A2Z Smart Technologies Corp.