• Instacart Offers In-App Support On A Global Scale With UJET

    Everyone has to shop for groceries. That might be a daily trip after work or part of your weekend errands; going to the grocery store means dealing with crowds, waiting in lines, and likely forgetting something from your list. In 2018, the average U.S. household made 1.6 grocery shopping trips per week.

  • Why Employee Engagement Still Matters In The Retail Sector

    People are migrating away from the traditional brick and mortar retail stores in the 21st century, preferring to shop online and using their mobile devices rather than visit physical storefronts. This is most prevalent in the specialty hard goods.  However, shoppers still enjoy the social and entertainment aspects that retail provides, as well as with soft goods shoppers tend to still want to touch and size in person. As the percentage of online purchases continues to grow beyond recent 10% figures, in the stores we are seeing a shift in labor.

  • 5 Key Trends Currently Afoot In Employee Recognition

    Continued employee engagement is one of the keys to human capital management for HR leaders at large corporations. When people work for big businesses, they sometimes find themselves too caught up in the rigmarole of their daily operations, and they lose sight of their employers’ vision and their own individual career goals.

  • The Retail Paradox: Save Money, Or Spend It On Customer Service?

    It’s commonplace for companies to look to improve their workforce management strategies in an effort to strengthen their customer service initiatives – especially in the retail sector. Good service is the primary reason that successful merchants complete sales, and in a competitive sales environment, businesses seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing superior consumer care.

  • 4 Ways HR Is Becoming Data-Conscious In Managing Human Capital

    Employers everywhere, large and small, are looking to do more with business intelligence to measure the performance of their workers. Doing so can make them more efficient about who they hire, how they put people to work and what strategies they use for employee retention.

  • What Does The Future Hold For HR Technology?

    As technology rapidly improves across the world, more business are looking to upgrade the solutions they use on a daily basis. Among other developments, this means they want to use more cloud computing solutions for storing their data, mobile devices for accessing it on the go and data analysis tools for improving their outlook on business intelligence.


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