Company Profile | December 20, 1999

Calavo Growers of California

Source: Calavo Growers of California
Calavo Growers of California
The California Avocado Growers Exchange, formed in January of 1924 and soon renamed Calavo Growers of California, was the beginning of the marketing of a new commodity that transformed a motley band of hobbyist-growers into a global industry.

Today, Calavo is the preeminent marketer of avocados with over 1600 growers in California and unique alliances and joint ventures in Mexico, Chile, and New Zealand. Calavo's high quality standards, broad product line of fresh avocados, papayas, and guacamole products, have enabled it to expand its market leadership position.

The Calavo name was created by combining the words California Avocados and is the only nationally recognized avocado brand.