Case Study

Conan Foods Inc.: Managing Mobility Tools With MaaS360

Source: MaaS360 by Fiberlink, an IBM company

This case study from MaaS360 by Fiberlink takes a look at Conan Foods Inc., a specialty foods distribution company that is faced with the challenge of managing inventory, security, and control of new, company-owned laptops and smartphones.

Conan Foods is located in Quebec, Canada and has a solid reputation for its innovative approach to personalized customer consulting. As a distribution-focused company, they initially considered IT to be a necessary evil. IT support is provided with a minimal budget, led by Adamantia (Tia) Darsaklis who is often given the requirements to, “find something that will work and we can afford” when a new IT challenge arises.

The move from desktops to laptops for their sales force presented one of those challenges. Conan Foods wanted to be able to let their sales force be mobile with the laptop computers, but still control what was installed on the machines. At the time they also began to help subsidize employees’ purchases of smartphones.

Conan Foods was unaware they were able to control employee devices in ways such as forcing phones to have a minimum OS, restricting and deploying applications, and enforcing compliance with corporate security policies with MaaS360. A visit to by Tia, followed by additional research on other options repeatedly brought her back to MaaS360 as the solution they needed.

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