Dayforce Task Management

With Dayforce Task Management you can easily create tasks and assign them to specific business units, locations, departments, and employees. Ad-hoc or template tasks can be assigned in accordance to labor requirements. Using visual checklists, you can easily monitor task progress through to completion. Gatekeeping functionality helps  ensure that task workload is efficiently allocated and controlled. Tasks are viewable in a list or calendar mode.

Key advantages of Dayforce Task Management include:

Accurate Activity-Based Costing

  • Integrates business tasks into planning and scheduling processes
  • Automates fact-based feedback on task statuses

Increased Visibility and Control

  • Integrates task impact into scheduling coverage requirements
  • Efficiently makes assignment decisions based on coverage demands
  • Assigns task workload to appropriate employees based on optimized scheduling

Improved Organizational Alignment

  • Increases efficiency by ensuring that employees are assigned to the tasks that they have the necessary skills to complete
  • Efficiently distributes task workload based on available capacity