Case Study

Encapsulon® Assessment Transforms Grocer's Audit Process


This case study from Wren Solutions discusses the loss prevention challenges that grocers face including shrink reduction, employee theft, and shoplifting along with managing complex food safety requirements and compliance requirements across multiple sections of their stores. This case study focuses on a client who implemented Wren’s Encapsulon Assessment, moving away from a labor-intensive system for performing store audits.

Before Encapsulon Assessment this client would have employees spending over four hours in a single store collecting audit data with a pencil and clipboard. They would then have to take their data and assimilate and publish an audit. Normally this process took them 9 hours of labor and a few days to get the final audit results to senior management.

This grocer was looking for a solution that could simplify and centralize the audit process. Compliance issues dealing with food safety standards, OSHA compliance, and State Board of Pharmacy regulations had to be taken into account as well. Compliance had to be completely addressed and the grocer needed the ability to track, manage, and follow-up on compliance issues quickly.

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