White Paper

Kiosks In Grocery Stores — Boost Sales And Improve Operational Efficiency

Zebra Technologies

What Grocery Shoppers Want — Easier, Faster, Intuitive

Imagine the choices that today’s grocery store shopper are confronted with—the larger the store, the more complex and difficult the shopping experience. Time-strapped customers must determine which aisle items are located, what is on sale, which coupons are valid, and what recipes can they pull together for their dining needs. To be sure, large grocery store chains have expended significant resources to improve the shopping experience, but the consumer expects more. Beyond shopping convenience, grocery chains are looking for ways to improve sales, reduce operational costs, and boost customer loyalty. Of all the technologies currently available, only self-service kiosks offer the optimal solution.

In fact, self-service kiosks are proving to be a major driver of sales growth and improved efficiencies across a wide range of industries. Businesses in retail (gift registry, self-checkout, coupons, photo, and point of sale [POS]), hospitality (entertainment ticketing and hotel check-in), and transportation (parking and airport check-in) are all realizing the value that kiosks deliver.

In North American retail alone, self-service and interactive kiosk solutions reached $432 million in sales, with 92,000 kiosks shipped in 20071. According to another study2, the low to mid Tier 1 retailers ($1 billion to $10 billion) were the most active in investing in kiosks in 2007, while retailers with sales above $10 billion plan to invest in self-service solutions within the next 18-24 months.