Datasheet | February 4, 2010

Product Sheet: LP In A Box: Your Loss Prevention Toolkit

Source: LP Innovations

Losses from theft, errors or fraud can account for more than half of a retailer's overall profit loss. Small businesses, such as franchisees or independent retailers, are more vulnerable to these types of losses, as few have the resources necessary to protect themselves from internal theft, shoplifting, administrative errors, and more.

So how can a small business retailer deter theft, detect potential profitability hazards and protect their profitability without breaking the bank? By educating your associates and building a loss prevention program that follows proven fundamentals to reduce loss and improve profitability.

LP in a Box is a complete loss prevention training and awareness program which not only educates your employees on the fundamentals of loss prevention, but also involves them as part of the solution. vThe LP in a Box program contains materials and guidebooks for both management and associates which aid in the successful deployment and communication of the principles of loss prevention. Centered on monthly topics, such as Internal theft, External theft and shoplifting, cash register controls, and more, the LP in a Box program promotes cooperation, teamwork and communication among your staff while also ensuring loss prevention stays ‘top of mind' for each individual.

The LP in a Box program supports management's responsibilities in deterring and detecting possible theft, and provides strategies and best practices on how to roll-out a training and awareness program in support of the materials. Nothing is left out!

LP in a Box kits and additional materials and products are all available for hassle-free online ordering. Simply log onto today to learn more!

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