News | April 22, 2009

RedPrairie, Factory 2 Shelf Principal André Martin And Retail Pipeline Principal Darryl Landvater Create Exclusive Joint Venture To introduce E²e™ Flowcasting

Source: RedPrairie

RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity software provider, along with Factory 2 Shelf's André Martin and Retail Pipeline's Darryl Landvater, announced recently an exclusive global joint venture which will add E²e™ Flowcasting to the RedPrairie solution suite. Unlike traditional forecasting, E²e Flowcasting leverages point-of-sale (POS) store data to create a model of the business. Flowcasting reports encompass product demand, transportation, financial projections, and capacity plans – which represent a common set of plans that all trading partners can agree upon.

Flowcasting has already been used with some of the largest retail and consumer goods manufacturers. Benefits of the patented E²e Flowcasting solution include:

  • Improved visibility for manufacturers – manufacturers receive an accurate picture of future customer demand allowing them to reduce safety stock levels and improve manufacturing productivity. Demonstrated results include the ability to project retailer orders one month into the future with an average error of two to three days.
  • Reduced out-of-stocks and increased sales – if POS sales on any given day are higher than expected, the chain reaction of demand automatically reacts. Current Flowcasting users have found a dramatic increase in forecast accuracy and significant reductions in out-of-stock merchandise.
  • Enhanced and improved collaborative business processes - trading partners are able to achieve a high level of collaboration enabling them to meet common goals and objectives, analyze future promotions, changes in display settings, and more – all of which can result in a 30 percent improvement in labor productivity.

"For years, RedPrairie has been focused on removing the communication barriers between manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers," says Mike Mayoras, CEO of RedPrairie. "For retailing to reinvent itself, it needs a different approach to inventory management. The RedPrairie Collaborative Flowcasting Group and the E²e Flowcasting solution provide every party in the retail supply chain the ability to rethink their merchandising and inventory strategies based on customer demand, not projected forecasts."

"We're excited about this venture with RedPrairie because they not only work with many of the leading global retailers, but their perspective of the broader retail supply chain has long recognized the important role of demand signals and POS data to create smarter supply chains," says André Martin, CEO of the RedPrairie Collaborative Flowcasting Group. "Retailers, operations executives, brand category managers, and retail suppliers can benefit from E²e Flowcasting."

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SOURCE: RedPrairie