News | January 12, 2010

RedPrairie Integrates Execution Management With Enterprise Workforce Management Solution

Source: RedPrairie

RedPrairie Holding, Inc., a productivity solutions provider, now provides fully integrated functionality from its Execution Management solution with its Enterprise Workforce Management solution. Execution Management helps prioritize, assign, and align tasks for store and distribution personnel. Providing integration options of the solution for current and prospective RedPrairie Enterprise Workforce Management customers offers the following benefits:

  • One schedule for all store activities – whether task, schedule, incentive, or process-related projects, store and other personnel managers have one view of all activities.
  • Improved usability – richer user profiles and confirmation of scheduling accuracy for both service and task labor are now available in one interface.
  • Improved compliance with promotion and other high-involvement events – better system coordination between task, store and service can help improve compliance with complex promotional activities.
  • Potential for increased return on store labor investment – better view into performance around schedules and tasks can improve labor costs.

"The integration enhancements we've made to Enterprise Workforce Management have come about based on the involvement with our customers," says RedPrairie VP Product Strategy, Jon Lawrence. "More than anything, managers today are looking for solutions that can take care of not only general workforce tasks, but those activities specifically devoted to promotions and other high-involvement events. The functionality inherent in our Execution Management solution is well-matched to these demands, so further integrating the two systems makes a good pairing."

Noel Goggin, RedPrairie VP of Product Strategy, adds, "RedPrairie now has a solution that can meet the most granular needs of managers, whether they're in the store or the supply chain. No operation is exactly the same as any other. The Execution Management functionality that now integrates to RedPrairie's Enterprise Workforce Management solution will help organizations manage users, optimize scheduling, and ultimately provide for greater return on store labor potential."

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SOURCE: RedPrairie