News | April 2, 2024

REMA 1000 Partners With Market Pay To Enhance In-Store Payment Experience

Paris /PRNewswire/ - Market Pay is proud to announce its collaboration with REMA 1000, a renowned Norwegian grocery retailer, to deploy its cutting-edge in-store payment solution across more than 1000 stores, through its Pay on Site solution.

As a subsidiary of the Reitan Group, REMA 1000 holds an impressive 24% market share in the Norwegian grocery retail sector, renowned for its commitment to quality and affordability.

Market Pay is equipping REMA 1000 with a new fleet of state-of-the-art PAX Android A35 payment terminals, capable of accepting multiple payment methods and value-added services relevant for a high-volume large grocery retailer such as REMA 1000. 

The solution is based on Nexo specifications and supports local payment schemes, including the Norwegian debit card BankAxept, as well as international cards like Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. It also enhances loyalty management and shopping experience by enabling customer identification and rewards through their payment cards.

The deployment has already started, with nearly 700 stores set to be equipped gradually over the coming months. In total, 2000 terminals will be distributed, with an estimated transaction volume of around 200 million per year.

In the future, this partnership may extend to REMA 1000's Danish network and other REITAN affiliated brands operating in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

'We are thrilled to collaborate with Market Pay to introduce unified payment solutions across our stores. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to providing convenient and seamless shopping experiences for our customers.' said Erik Marcus Torkildsen, Head of Payments at REMA 1000.

'We are delighted with this collaboration with REMA 1000, a renowned player in the Norwegian food distribution sector. This partnership marks an important milestone in our commitment to providing unified payment solutions for major retail players and transforming the purchasing experience for consumers, while combining quality and accessibility.' said Frédéric Mazurier, President of Market Pay Group.

About Market Pay 
Market Pay is a pan-European payment platform offering omnichannel digital solutions. Market Pay provides end-to-end digital solutions to large and small retailers alike, through the deployment of innovative and simplified payment solutions. Its vision: to eliminate complexity in the payments sector to unleash its entire business proposition by bringing cutting-edge innovation to merchants and being the single point of contact for all payments. Founded in 2016, Market Pay currently employs over 300 people in 7 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, Denmark and Poland) and handles 2.5 billion transactions a year, on 160,000 terminals and over 5 million cards managed.

About REMA 1000
REMA 1000 is part of Reitan Group, a leading retail company in the Nordic and Baltic region with operations in discount grocery, convenience and mobility across seven countries. REMA 1000 Norge and REMA 1000 Danmark are leaders in the organization and operation of franchise-based grocery retailing in Scandinavia. Since 1979, REMA 1000 has worked to cut food prices and offer high-quality, responsibly produced and sold groceries at the lowest price. With over 1,000 stores in Norway and Denmark, it should be easy to make good choices. We have a total of 39,000 employees and 3,800 outlets in seven countries in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Source: REMA 1000

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