News | January 16, 2008

Retail Software: RedPrairie Announces New Execution Management Features For Retailers

Source: RedPrairie

RedPrairie Corporation, a leading consumer-driven optimization company, recently announced the release of major new enhancements to its Execution Management application, the first execution management software to be fully integrated with a workforce management solution. New features of RedPrairie's software provide task planners, gatekeepers and store managers a comprehensive view of store operations and workloads to enable customization and optimization of projects and tasks. Enhanced functionality also empowers the store with additional localized detail and customization, providing a vehicle to implement individual store best practices that drive revenue growth and increase employee productivity throughout the store chain.

"One of the biggest problems facing national retailers today is the disconnect between the strategy created at headquarters and the execution of specific initiatives at the store level. Antiquated manual processes for disseminating information and the inability to capture and share feedback from individual stores has led to unacceptable communications breakdowns, gross inefficiencies and missed sales opportunities," said Noel Goggin, General Manager, Execution Management, for RedPrairie.

Goggin continued, "To succeed in today's extremely competitive market, retailers need two-way, real-time communication with stores to quickly delegate and prioritize corporate initiatives, plans and policies and gather best practices. This way, every store associate is empowered to deliver exceptional customer service and focus on maximizing sales opportunities."

RedPrairie's Execution Management solution creates a feedback loop between the stores and the corporate office, opening communication lines between headquarters and field teams. This enables the best practices at individual stores to be communicated quickly and consistently across the store chain.

"More than ever, retailers recognize that chain-wide automation solutions provide enormous value to the previously time-consuming and revenue-limiting sets of issues that are common across the retail chain," said Kim Eaton, RedPrairie's Executive Vice President, Field Operations, Americas. "RedPrairie is continually responding to the demands of these retailers to ensure that our customers can effectively leverage the ‘voice' of their stores, driving corporate strategy and innovation and empowering revenue growth."

The new features of Execution Management include

Task Escalation - provides the ability for a store associate to escalate an issue that is blocking task completion to the appropriate resources within the organization to assure the issue is resolved as soon as possible.

Multiple Roles Per User – To ensure complete shift coverage, store users who are authorized to work at multiple locations now have the ability to access details for different jobs at each location through the application using a single login. Store users also have the ability to assume multiple roles within a single store to cover an extended leave or position opening.

Event Information on Calendar - This new view enables users to add and edit event-related activities on a calendar. Users can provide detailed explanations of each event, and it also allows store managers to set up store specific meetings, events, and training periods for better planning and communication within the store.

Automated Task Expiration – Sometimes tasks are not completed on time, and their relevance to the operations of the stores expire after a period of time. To keep priority tasks top of mind for users, the application provides the capability to specify a time frame after the task due date when a task expires and is automatically completed in the application.

Vacation Coverage Across Field Hierarchy – To further ensure complete shift coverage, managers now have the ability to set vacation coverage and assign users in other locations to cover for them during their absence.

Email Process Status Reporting/Alerts – Supervisory users now have the ability to receive project status reports directly from the application, and these notifications can be viewed on email-enabled mobile devices such as the Blackberry, thereby increasing access to critical task status information while users are away from a computer terminal.

Task Start Work Dates – To better prioritize workloads, users are not allowed to complete tasks before commencement of the Start Work Date. This enforces the best practices defined for the organization and decreases the opportunity for invalid task completion metrics to be captured by the application.

Labor Budget Reporting – Users responsible for scheduling tasks can now view residual or remaining labor budgets for better planning. Budgets can be reviewed based upon a number of factors and filters.

About RedPrairie Corporation
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