News | August 13, 2019

ShopperKit Adds FlyBuy Pickup To Create Seamless Curbside Experience

By implementing Radius Networks’ FlyBuy Pickup and ShopperKit technologies, grocers can dramatically improve both the in-store grocery picking and curbside delivery experience for customers and staff.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) - Radius Networks’ a leading provider for location services to the grocery, retail, and hospitality industries, and ShopperKit, the first enterprise class software built specifically for in-store grocery fulfillment, announced a partnership to help grocers more efficiently execute click & collect curbside orders. FlyBuy Pickup uses proprietary machine-learning technology to accurately calculate the customer’s arrival time and on-premise location for curbside and in-store pickup programs. The integrated solution will allow all ShopperKit grocery partners to more efficiently execute the ‘click & collect’ process and provide a truly efficient solution for both customers and staff for curbside and in-store pickup.

“In order to get ROI from your click and collect programs, grocers need to create a great experience for their customers, while being extremely efficient with their staff,” said Jeff Baskin, EVP of Global Strategic Partnerships at Radius Networks. “A combined fulfillment engine with ShopperKit and an innovative pickup solution with Radius Networks provides retailers with the ability to save on labor and deliver groceries to their customers as soon as they arrive on site. Our partnership with ShopperKit will enhance the picking processes immensely and make innovative, turnkey solutions available to meet the business needs of grocers.

ShopperKit’s in-store fulfillment solution enables stores to quickly receive, prioritize, and process orders from retailers’ websites, allowing grocers to offer enhanced in-store pickup or delivery services to their online shoppers. When an order is placed via the retailer’s eCommerce platform, FlyBuy Pickup instantly begins tracking the customer journey and sends the retailer live updates and alerts based on the customer’s location. ShopperKit tells grocery pickers which customers to prioritize and when, based on their ETA. With this technology integration, the grocer can implement a complete end-to-end journey for both the customer and staff.

“We’re excited to partner with Radius Networks and leverage the FlyBuy Pickup platform to help decrease customer wait time and further increase staff efficiency,” said Jack Record, CEO at ShopperKit. “We recognize the value that FlyBuy Pickup brings to retailers and their customers. Given our shared goals of creating a better click and collect experience with quick and easy fulfillment, better service, and increased loyalty, we are confident that this partnership will be a huge success.”

Combining these two platforms will lead to next-level convenience for customers and retailers alike. FlyBuy and ShopperKit are working strategically to solve for today’s common concern of decreasing customer wait time and providing detailed analytics so retailers can make informed decisions on store by store basis. The integration has already launched in pilot phase with Lowes Foods Stores in North Carolina and SpartanNash’s Family Fare brand in Grand Rapids Michigan.

“The Radius Networks FlyBuy platform provides our Hosts with a new level of visibility into a guest’s journey to our store, significantly decreasing wait times at pickup,” says Chad Petersen, Senior Director of eCommerce at Lowes Foods. “Click and Collect is one of our biggest initiatives, and the integration of ShopperKit and FlyBuy Pickup removes friction points from the experience, not only for our customers, but also for our staff,” adds Matt Van Gilder, Director of eCommerce at SpartanNash.

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About FlyBuy Pickup
FlyBuy Pickup is a core service of Radius Networks, a software company that uses machine learning to help companies conduct location-based transactions with their customers. The platform products include location-based table service, curbside and in-store pickup, mobile loyalty and redemption and mobile payment at the table. Our clients include some of the world's largest brands and span multiple markets such as restaurants, hospitality, gaming, grocery, and retail.

About ShopperKit
ShopperKit is an in-store order fulfillment platform designed specifically for Click & Collect in the grocery industry. As eCommerce continues its rapid growth, grocers are seeing their physical stores, located close to customers, act as natural distribution centers. ShopperKit's in-store fulfillment platform enables existing brick & mortar stores to receive, prioritize, and process orders from their online counterparts allowing grocers to offer in-store pickup or delivery services to their online customers.

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