News | April 30, 2010

Site Controls Expands Enterprise Data Infrastructure To Keep Pace With Device Count Growth And New Information Products

With 300,000 Devices and Monitoring Points On-Line, the Company Expands its Capabilities to Deliver Enterprise-Wide, Measureable, Energy Cost Savings

Site Controls, the nation's leading provider of enterprise-wide energy management and "above-site" facilities intelligence solutions, recently announced that is now has more than 300,000 end-use devices and monitoring end points on-line and connected to its cloud-based Site-Command Data Center.

Site Controls provides enterprise-wide energy management and intelligence, in part, through devices and telemetry that it remotely monitors and controls at clients' sites. Today, Site Controls has more than 300,000 devices currently on line, including devices feeding real-time energy-consumption and usage data from lighting (interior & exterior), HVAC, signage, solar panels, wind turbines, trash compactors, batteries, signage, refrigeration, and even indoor air quality. This growth is fueled by significant increases in site deployments due to continued investments from existing customers, as well as several new customer wins.

As a result of this growth, each month the Site-Command Data Center processes:

  • 1 million event jobs
  • 1.2 million exceptions
  • 10,000 user reports
  • 900 million telemetry monitoring data points

Similar to other ASP-hosted information solutions such as, the Site-Command Data Center provides chain retailers tremendous information processing resources without the substantial IT deployment, administrative, and maintenance costs seen with internally hosted systems. More importantly, with solutions such as the Site-Command Exceptions Dashboard™ and AnalyticEngine™, information is presented in an intuitive, easy-to-use manner that allows facilities professionals to focus on a few high-priority items without being overwhelmed by meaningless streams of alarm data.

"Increasingly, chain retailers and restaurants are realizing that energy management is fundamentally an enterprise information challenge, not a site-level hardware challenge," said Dan Kubala, Vice President of Marketing for Site Controls. "With the Site-Command Data Center, retailers have on-demand access to incredibly rich information products, dashboards, and reports that are continually enhanced based on industry best practices. The result is sustained and increasing savings over time with minimal IT and facility administrative requirements."

About Site Controls
Site Controls is the leading provider of enterprise-wide energy management and facilities intelligence solutions. Site Controls' Site-Command above-site energy management platform monitors and controls major energy-consuming devices such as HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, signage and more, to drive down energy and maintenance costs. Site Controls energy management solutions incorporate energy efficiency, corporate social responsibility, comfort and controls, operational intelligence, and demand response services. By providing persistent, real-time access, visibility, and control over thousands of assets and sites, Site Controls helps chain retailers and branch banks create a compelling customer experience while simultaneously saving money, reducing emissions, and improving business efficiency. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Site Controls, LLC.