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The Talking Warehouse: Understanding How Voice Unleashes Higher Performance In Product Distribution


By Roger Byford and David Maloney

While voice-directed workflow has been a force in distribution operations for nearly two decades, it is still considered a young technology by many supply chain professionals. In a recent independent survey, only one in five supply chain managers claimed an awareness of voice. The survey also found that when distribution leaders are familiar with the benefits of voice, they overwhelmingly agree that it is an appropriate technology for distribution operations.

Supply chain and distribution managers today face a growing list of very real business challenges. They feel pressure to improve their operations, reduce costs and increase their facilities’ throughputs. In a fluctuating economy, some experience the pains of growth, while others must deal with business contraction. Many have the added burden of accommodating a growing SKU base coupled with a diverse product mix that is ever-changing. And all of them are seeking to continuously improve their distribution capabilities.

Managers also must face the reality of a changing workforce. The new generation of workers will no longer have the numbers to replace aging employees as they have in the past. Older workers will need to continue on, working longer to fill the gap, and bringing with them the need to perform their jobs in less physically-demanding ways. Warehouse workplaces will continue to evolve as a melting pot with many native languages spoken. Managers will be challenged with making this new warehouse team more flexible than ever before.

To address these business challenges and to promote greater understanding of voice technology, Vocollect and DC Velocity Magazine have teamed to launch this educational series, The Talking Warehouse: Understanding How Voice Unleashes Higher Performance in Product Distribution. This partnership brings together DC Velocity, recognized by supply chain professionals as an industry voice of authority, and Vocollect, the proven authority on voice.

This educational series will help distribution and supply chain professionals gain a greater understanding of voice-directed workflow, the many ways it is applied, and the wide range of benefits companies have attained after implementing voice systems.

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