Article | October 29, 2013

4 Ways HR Is Becoming Data-Conscious In Managing Human Capital


By Team Ceridian

Employers everywhere, large and small, are looking to do more with business intelligence to measure the performance of their workers. Doing so can make them more efficient about who they hire, how they put people to work and what strategies they use for employee retention.

Unfortunately, using workforce analytics to measure employee performance is more difficult in some professions than others. If a person’s job is fairly straightforward and easy to quantify, that’s one thing. Sales staff members can easily measure their success in terms of dollars earned, for example. Manufacturers can simply count the products they produce. In other jobs, however, it’s more difficult to measure performance.

According to Workforce magazine, Disney and Pixar recently encountered this problem when trying to institute more workforce analytics. The two companies work together to produce animated films, and much of their workforce is made up of artists who draw backgrounds and animate characters. Disney wanted to measure the effectiveness of these professionals’ work, but there’s no easy way to quantify art. The company was at a crossroads.

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