Article | October 23, 2013

What Does The Future Hold For HR Technology?


By Team Ceridian

As technology rapidly improves across the world, more business are looking to upgrade the solutions they use on a daily basis. Among other developments, this means they want to use more cloud computing solutions for storing their data, mobile devices for accessing it on the go and data analysis tools for improving their outlook on business intelligence.

These developments should have a profound effect on every department of a given corporation, from marketing to information technology. In human resources, they have a chance to revolutionize the way companies approach human capital management. HR executives now have greater potential to manage the workforce in a way that’s reliable and streamlined, saving time and money that can be channeled into other endeavors. Due to improvements in IT, every company is becoming more productive.

According to Forbes, a number of IT trends have had a powerful impact on HR specifically. Meghan Biro, chief executive officer of TalentCulture Consulting Group, explains that as elite hardware and software solutions have risen above the pack, the HR industry is shifting away from a focus on quantity of tech resources, instead emphasizing quality.

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