Articles From Integrated Solutions For Retailers

  1. 35,000 Associates, 1 Vision

    While India’s Future Group manages several retail concepts across a number of segments, it’s standardizing store ops strategy on a common platform.

  2. Giant Eagle Deploys New E-Commerce Platforms

    Improving online experience will lead to loyalty and profitability

  3. When It Comes To Customer Satisfaction, No One Trumps Trader Joe’s

    Market Force study reveals the where and why of American grocery shopping

  4. Wal-Mart Wants To Be Number One In Beer

    Retail giant pushes to double adult beverage business by 2016

  5. Whole Foods Posts $3 Billion In Sales But Falls Short Of Expectations

    Organic grocer expecting growth in coming quarters

  6. Overhauling IT At BevMo!

    Over the course of 24 months, BevMo! leveraged big data and cloud computing to rebuild its entire IT enterprise from the ground up.

  7. EMS Achieve Success Through Continuous Monitoring

    Energy management systems (EMS) show greater value and produce greater cost savings by using a continuous monitoring system.

  8. WFM/HCM: Driving Growth With Big Data

    As workforce management continues to evolve, retailers are using Big Data to leverage WFM/HCM solutions to enhance the customer experience and drive sales.

  9. Price Chopper Combats ORC With IP Video

    With organized retail crime (ORC) and retail theft in general on the rise, this grocer/convenience retailer upgraded its existing LP video system to enable better detection and prevention.

  10. Omni-Channel Customer Strategy: More Sales, Better Service, Stronger Relationships

    In order to be truly omni-channel, retailers must embrace mobility and consumer choice.