Product Showcase

  1. MS2400 Stratos®
    The MS2400 Stratos is the newest member of the company’s premier line of 360°-bioptic scanners. This premium five-sided, bioptic scanner/scale increases productivity in demanding, high-volume seated and small checkout environments.
  2. MS2300 StratosH®
    StratosH is a six-sided, 360°-bioptic scanner/scale that provides retailers with high-throughput efficiency and aggressive first-pass scanning performance. Its patented modular independent scanning planes simplify set up, minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction.
  3. Honeywell: MS4980 Vuquest™ Scanner

    The MS4980 is a compact area-imaging scanner that offers aggressive scanning of all 1D, PDF and 2D bar codes in a lightweight, durable and portable form factor. The scanner also features a sleek and elegant design that blends seamlessly in retail environments.

  4. AccuBANKER: Cash Handling Analysis Inquiries
    Our experience in working with retailers means we know not only how cash handling is done in a retail environment, but how the technology available is used. We understand that you need your investment to achieve measurable results. So, all the analysis and recommendations by AccuBANKER is given with one thing in mind: to assist you in making informed, intelligent decisions.
  5. Mark IV Food Pro 2000: Stainless Steel Food Processing Door
    With a Powertron® DS Operator, the Food Pro opens a 40” single-leaf door in just one second. A double-leaf door opens 80” a second. Its incredibly smooth and quiet operation is unmatched in the industry.
  6. Star Micronics TSP700II Ultra High Speed Thermal Printer
    The TSP700 series of ultra high speed, two-color thermal printers is equipped with a number of advanced features and a small footprint, the printers are ideal for POS, credit card, restaurant, bar code, hospitality, and kiosk applications.
  7. Honeywell 4600r Retail 2D Presentation Scanner
    From the global leader in image-based data collection comes the 4600r Retail 2D Presentation Scanner — designed specifically for retail point of service (POS) applications, the 4600r is optimized to deliver fast and easy presentation scanning, with the value-add functionality only possible with a 2D image scanner. Its ability to read all 2D bar codes, plus capture digital images, enables new applications that increase productivity — all with one device.
  8. Honeywell Quick Check® 800 Series: Bar Code Verifiers
    The QC800 Series Bar Code Verifier offers the convenience of simple aim-and-shoot verification through the use of a QC3800V, a customized, IT3800 hand held imager. Quickly perform pass/fail testing of dimensional and format quality parameters like average bar deviation, wide-to-narrow ratios, encodation, and ISO/IEC decodability. Also, full traditional and ISO/IEC dimensional, reflectance, and format tests can be performed using optional mouse and pen style.
  9. 3820: Cordless Linear Imager
    Ideal for light industrial mobile applications, the 3820 (formerly the 5620) features Bluetooth wireless communications for freedom of movement in retail, warehouse, and distribution. Honeywell 3820 combines exclusive Adaptus Imaging Technology with Bluetooth wireless connectivity to provide class-leading performance and durability for retail and commercial cordless bar code reading.
  10. RoughDeck™ HP-H Heavy Capacity Low Profile Floor Scale
    The RoughDeck™ HP-H Heavy Capacity Low Profile Floor Scale features four NTEP-certified alloy steel, shear beam load cells, rugged diamond safety treadplate deck, rigid structural steel channel frame, and much more