Featured Articles

  1. How SunOpta Increased Margins And Reduced Inventory Exposure

    SunOpta Inc. is a leader in the natural and organic foods and natural health products markets.

  2. Schwan’s Implements Data Quality Solution To Improve Customer Service And Depot Efficiency

    This case study from Pitney Bowes takes a look at Schwan’s Home Service (Schwan’s), the home delivery business of The Schwan Food Company. Schwan’s is a distributor of line frozen foods, with distribution via delivery trucks directly to customers, in grocery store freezers, online, and through the food service industry.

  3. Encapsulon® Assessment Transforms Grocer’s Audit Process

    This case study from Wren Solutions discusses the challenges that grocers face including shrink reduction, employee theft, and shoplifting along with managing complex food safety requirements across multiple sections of their stores.

  4. Conan Foods Inc.: Managing Mobility Tools With MaaS360

    This case study from MaaS360 by Fiberlink takes a look at Conan Foods Inc., a specialty foods distribution company that is faced with the challenge of managing inventory, security, and control of new, company-owned laptops and smartphones.

  5. Schnuck’s Adopts Tellermate's Cash Management System To Cut Operational Costs

    Founded as a small corner grocery store, Schnuck Markets, Inc. now operates 100 state-of-the-art supermarkets in the Midwest United States. All locations offer a full line of groceries and most have pharmacies, DVD rental outlets, in-store banking and florist shops.

  6. Raley’s Reduces Shrink by $18 million

    Raley’s, a 134-store grocery chain located throughout California and Nevada, recently initiated a companywide effort to establish a comprehensive asset protection program that focuses on centralized and objective auditing as well as operational improvements.

  7. Five Sources Of Produce Shrink Every Grocer Should Monitor

    For grocers, a healthy portion of global retail shrink can be traced back to operational errors, such as those that occur when produce scale/PLU items are handled at POS. All too often, these items are not calculated accurately into the customer’s order, resulting in substantial shrink.

  8. Kiosks In Grocery Stores — Boost Sales And Improve Operational Efficiency

    Kiosks that include product information allow shoppers to find items quickly, compare prices, and view important product details. Stores can maximize their recipe and deli department promotions by providing detailed recipes, ingredients, and locations of all items.

  9. Using People Counting And Conversion Rates To Increase Sales

    People Counting is, quite simply, counting people entering and exiting your store locations. People Counting gives retailers the visibility into their operations required to have a full picture of factors behind sales and where action should be taken to address opportunities to improve sales.

  10. What’s On Your Wish List? Food And Grocery Stores
    As the world leader in network video, Axis gives you the most advanced security and safety benefits for your grocery store, and then some.