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  1. Retailers Take a New Approach to Addressing Out-of-Stocks - Part 2

    In Part 1 of this discussion on how retailers can reduce out-of-stocks and improve merchandise availability, we discussed the new market realities facing retailers, including tighter margins, shifting shopper behavior and the need for hyper-accurate inventory availability status. In this installment, we cover how innovative retailers are taking an integrated, intelligent and insightful approach to addressing issues related to inventory management and shrink management in a cohesive manner, often using RFID technology to achieve their most important goals.

  2. Retailers: Compliance With the Affordable Care Act And Engagement With Employees Both Benefit From Straightforward HCM Technology

    This is the final installment in a four-part series on human capital management (HCM) for retailers. The past three installments have explored the many ways retail organizations can employ HCM technology to help carry out best-practices in improving, for instance, employee engagement and the efficiency of their human resource processes.

  3. Weights And Measures Laws: Can Using A Price Checking Device Provide An Exemption To The Law?

    Today, when the average consumer walks into a grocery store to buy a pound of beef, there is little doubt that what he is buying is exactly one pound of beef. Yet, a century ago, the story was much different.

  4. Lessons From GlobalShop: Designing For The Customer Journey

    Frank Mayer and Associates wrapped up a successful GlobalShop retail show this week in the controlled environment of the McCormick Center while storms raged outside in Chicago. Our booth displayed a new look since many of our components were destroyed in a much more serious weather event, Hurricane Sandy, during the lead up to a different show in New York City.

  5. Consum’s Facelift Includes Upgraded Loss-Prevention Techniques

    In this case study from Checkpoint Systems, a leading Spanish supermarket network adds antennas and high-theft solutions as part of its store refurbishment program.

  6. Self-Service Health Care Comes To Retail

    In a game of word association, your response to “health care” might well be “reform” given recent health policy headlines. Increasingly, we’re living in a time when “health care” and “self-service” are two concepts that also belong together.

  7. How Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Can Win The Omnichannel Battle

    This white paper from Motorola Solutions takes a look at the recent trend of forward-looking retailers to integrate the worlds of in-store and online shopping, communications, and sales through the use of wireless mobile technology.

  8. Grocery Chain Achieves Goal: The Right People, At The Right Place, At The Right Time

    This case study from Ceridian Dayforce takes a look at Longo Brothers Fruit Markets (Longo’s), a premium grocery chain known for its high quality food and great service. Longo’s understands the importance of workforce management to achieving its goals of delivering high quality service within its budgeted labor constraint.

  9. WFM In Tough Economic Times

    This white paper from Axsium discusses the current global economic crisis and the effects it has had on the workforce and businesses including mass layoffs, suspension of expansion plans, and store or plant closings. Businesses are being forced to cut as much as possible to remain afloat, but just cutting costs and capital spending is not necessarily a recipe for success in the post-recession world.

  10. Self-Checkout Registers – Needed Or Nuisance?

    I was recently listening to a colleague in retail management discuss self-checkouts and the value they add. I have always liked the idea of self-checkout registers.  I like the concept and the ability to checkout quickly.